The theme for the third edition of the International Lightfestival Cidneon in the beautifull Castle is Italian icons.

Dutch Motion Collective (DMC) grants The curious visitor a glimpse into the life of one of the most famous Italian icon Leonardo da Vinci.


Therefor the first project at the castle Gate of Castello di Brescia is magically transformed into its old inventor's room, in which his works are considered to be, among other artists, creator, painter, chemist, writer and historian. 500 years after Da Vinci enriched the world with its genius, DMC brings with L'inventore a tribute.


By means of projected 3d animation and music, DMC makes the castle gate come to life. Each stone is meticulously counterfeited, making the illusion of movement a deception for the eye. Da Vinci's curiosity and inventive imagination are highlighted while his sketches for the eyes of the audience are drawn on the castle walls. The subjects of the sketches then come to life in the form of great detailed 3d reconstructions. This together with matching music and fire effects delivers an unforgettable show.

Interactive floor

The Artists

DMC is a collaboration between Michiel ten Caten, Coen van Tartwijk & Sjors van der Werff. They have found each other through the shared passion for light art and combine their forces from their different backgrounds to come together from the City of light of Europe; Eindhoven, to come to distinctive and unique work. Each member of DMC has its own specialty and years of international experience in the field of light art. They were active in festivals in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Breda, Gent, Cascais, Jerusalem, Algiers, and a part of the group Brescia.


Lumen in art BV | Robbert ten Caten | robbert@lumeninart.com | 06 46 222 688 


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