Illusic Optica 

 Remember that magic binoculars? Quicksand creates various figures that inspire you again and again. You are literally taken in. They could enjoy themselves for hours watching the infinite figures. With this work of art, Studio Sensito takes you in time. Back to the old days. An unconscious illusion arises where you see things that seem familiar to you. Despite all reason, there is nothing to consider. It's about optical illusions, in which we instinctively transform incoherent images into something we (re)know. This optical illusion is also known as visual illusion. You perceive something with the eye, but your brain interprets it in a different way.

The Artist

Studio Sensito. This international  artist collective is primarily concerned with sophisticated lighting techniques. In a constantly changing composition, they manage to surprise again and again. The name Studio Sensito has its origin in sensitometry. Sensitometry is the study of the relationship between exposure to the film and the amount of blackness produced after processing. Light-sensitive objects play the main role. As a viewer, you are literally involved in the artwork. Artworks of this artist collective can be seen in different countries, they are part of the European Tour Light Castle Festivals.

Lumen in art BV | Robbert ten Caten | | +316 46 222 688  

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