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Lighting Field Bert schoeren 

On midsummer night, Bert Schoeren visited a beautiful private place in a forest.

Suddenly, just before midnight, numerous fireflies appeared.

At this place, the mating dance of the fireflies takes place annually.

The fireflies go with their illuminated belly looking for a partner and hike through the forest.

This beautiful spectacle inspired him to create this work of art.

The Artist

Bert Schoeren

Bert Schoeren makes sculptures that move and where a large


This allows you to look at it for a long time without getting bored.

It works meditatively and you can dream away from it for a while.                                                  

The constant movement, unpredictable in detail and "chaotic"

in the most beautiful sense of the word, turns out to be good for our mind.

Why else would a fireplace or an aquarium

have a relaxing effect? Bert's kinetic sculptures

Schoeren follow that principle of chaotic movement as well.

If this Dutch artist presents his works in museums,

they are often surrounded by chairs within some time.

 "I never say it in advance, but the exhibitors often quickly realize that the furniture is needed," explains the artist, who trained as an industrial design engineer.

 "The visitors want to linger to see how the objects dance."

Nature is not only an inspiration from Schoeren, but also the driving force for his sculptures.

When they enter, they are often powered by solar energy.

Outside he likes to use wind and water then now the new dimension the light.

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