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Quantum Flowers

Quantum Flower Ballet by 'Francesco Mariotti'

The Swiss light artist has created floating rafts to which colored PET bottles are attached, which are illuminated from the inside with one LED lamp each. When all PET bottles light up together, it creates the illusion of a group of colorful flowers that brighten up the night. 

The artist 

Francesco Marriotti has lived and studied in Switzerland, France, Germany and South America. While studying at the Academy of Fine Arts, he focused on the complex relations between art, nature and technology. After a long stay in Latin America in the 1970s, he experimented with the possible interactions between electronic and IT devices and the creation of multi-sensorial installations and works.

Francesco has participated in several international exhibitions, like  Brasil, Colombia, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Switserland, and Austria. 

Francesco Mariotti lives in Zürich (Switzerland)  and Punta Sal (Perú)

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