DMC plays with the relationship between the audience, perspective, light, shadow and environment in their latest installation RGB. This audiovisual light installation responds to space and sound and is accompanied by DMC's latest performance.

RGB is an audiovisual installation that provokes space distortions by responding to factors such as space, time, accelerations and shifts. RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue and these colors together form the basis for all the colors we know. For example, if we put all 3 colors on top of each other, we get white.

The visitors are challenged to change the colors and shapes of RGB. If a visitor stands in front of 1 of the 3 projectors, the colors and shapes are immediately changed. In this way, the visitors determine what the other visitors can perceive.


The Artists 

DMC is a collaboration between Michiel ten Caten, Coen van Tartwijk & Sjors van der Werff. They have found each other through the shared passion for light art and combine their forces from their different backgrounds to come together from the City of light of Europe; Eindhoven, to come to distinctive and unique work. Each member of DMC has its own specialty and years of international experience in the field of light art. They were active in festivals in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Breda, Gent, Cascais, Jerusalem, Algiers, and a part of the group Brescia.

Lumen in art BV | Robbert ten Caten | robbert@lumeninart.com | +316 46 222 688 

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