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The Giant Dandelions

Together the “Giant Dandelions” - ninety differently sized, giant flowers - form a wood through which the public can take a stroll. The dandelions are made of some 9,000 recycled water bottles. They were cut up to be welded with nylon again into a work of art. Every flower has a sustainable light source and because of the creatively recycled materials, these flowers form a landscape of light which shows us that waste does not need to exist. 

The Artist

Olivia d’Aboville is a young French-Filipino artist who graduated with honors from Duperré, a prestigious Textile Design school in Paris in 2009. She specialized in tapestry and textile structures and adapted the techniques to create her own woven forms. She has been exploring sculpting with textile techniques since then and had her first solo exhibition Chasm of Fantasies at the Ayala Museum from July to October 2010.
She was nominated and short listed for the Ateneo Art Awards 2011:
Anatomy of Autonomy.


From plastic spoons to pins and water bottles, d’Aboville is fascinated by ordinary mass-produced objects. These objects refer to our society and our lifestyle that are inevitably destroying our environment and polluting our seas. She manipulates and recycles materials to create new work. For every interesting element that inspires her, she asks herself: What can I do with this? Can I cut it, bend it, heat it, stretch it, accumulate it and create a new form?

She is very sensitive to light, fluidity and movement and found in the theme of the ocean endless inspiration. She tries to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the biodiversity of our seas. D’Aboville has exhibited in museums, galleries, hotels and festivals in Paris, Lyon, Hong Kong, Manila, NY and Singapore. Her works range from textile jewelry, to sculptures,
to lighting designs and installation art.

Lumen in art BV | Robbert ten Caten | | +316 46 222 688  

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