A real tree that can talk? That urges visitors to make a wish for a special moment easily via the festival app or website? That’s new! And it increases the number of visitors to your festival app or website.

The wish tree turns a real tree into a total eye-catcher and holds a special place at every light art festival or event.

Idea & concept:

The idea for the “wish tree” emerged from the fascination many visitors have for illuminated trees. But the wish tree is much more – it goes beyond the sender-receiver functions and communicates with visitors. The wish tree is elaborately illuminated like no other lit tree, giving it a unique position. With its sonorous voice it casts a spell over visitors and creates a special atmosphere. The wish tree is highly emotional, personal, profound and even human. It shows a sense of humour with its wish programme “Fun” and spiritual energy with “Power,” invites visitors to dream with “Luck” and deeply inspires with “Peace”.

The process:

The tree calls on visitors to enter their wish via the app or website. The visitors have 60 seconds to enter their wish. Even at a low bandwidth the load time is extremely short. The “tree” assesses the wishes, announces the result and plays the “winning wish”. This takes between 90 and 120 seconds. Then the process starts again from the beginning. The visitors can choose between four wishes: Luck, Peace, Fun and Power. Each wish is equipped with an individual light programme and audio files.

Tree of wishes

The Artist

Richard Röhrhoff is born in 1976 in Mönchengladbach / Germany. He started his career as football reporter at a local radio station und produced music events with special light.

After several jobs at event locations he started working as consultant for special communications and location marketing. He started in 2013 Fortress lighting in Koblenz and several famous light festivals in western Germany. During all these festivals he was developing light art projects on an artistic level as well.

In 2016 he founded the Essen Light festival, after two years one of the biggest light art festivals in Germany. 


Lumen in art BV | Robbert ten Caten | robbert@lumeninart.com | 06 46 222 688 


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