CLOUD is an interactive sculpture re-imagining the potential of everyday objects to create a dazzling, collaborative experience. Viewers interact with CLOUD by working as an impromptu collective to animate ‘lightning’ on the surface of the piece, becoming unwitting performers and puppeteers. The outward appearance of the sculpture is light and delicate, but as you move beneath the canopy of light bulbs CLOUD reveals her substructure: hand-bent steel and utilitarian electronics. Subsequently the inner and outer spheres of the artwork pose different dynamics, inviting both participation + contemplation, spectacle + speculation, collective + subjective, harmony + chaos.


Simple, bright, and playful, CLOUD is a barometer of social interaction between strangers. In every country she visits, viewers interact with CLOUD differently, creating subtle commentaries about the surrounding cultural climate. On a symbolic level, however, CLOUD relies on the universal language of environmental imagery – despite language barriers, distance, and differences, rain clouds are understood by people everywhere. Characterized by upturned faces and glittering eyes, viewers engage with the work long after all her secrets have been revealed.


This edition of CLOUD was commissioned by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art for Art Experiment 2013 (Moscow).

The Artist

Daniel Kurniczak (born 1985 in Poznań, Poland) is a composer and producer of electronic and orchestral music. Recently he orchestrated light art projects and other light projects.


In 2005 he founded the electro-pop Band Freakatronic, not only stand out by their music but also their artistic theatre shows and video productions. Together they played concertsin Europe (France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Poland) and enjoyed international success. They played in the "Space Ibiza" with Fatboy Slim and his openingband Deichkind.


Since 2007 Daniel Kurniczak released numerous own musical productions and works of international artists (such as the American artist Crocheted Olek).


2014, he begins after first musical experiences in the field of theatre, film and media, for the preparation of the first sound tracks for light shows and Videomapping. So he produced music for the highlights at the festivals GLOW in Eindhoven (NED), Festungsleuchten in Koblenz (GER) and Festival of lights in Berlin (GER).


From 2016 the first collaborations and own productions, such as the light show "Monkey Business" and "under the Earth" in the tunnels of the former fortress Koblenz follow.


In 2017 he made the light installation "sound Cloud ", which exhibited at the Festival the Bloop in Ibiza and Essen Light Festival both in 2017.


Lumen in art BV | Robbert ten Caten | robbert@lumeninart.com | 06 46 222 688 


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