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Every year we organise a tour of lightfestivals in Castles. The lighfestivals are in Europe from September untill April . One time it is a projection, sometimes you float on clouds which are dancing to the music.
The castles with their parks are illuminated in a unique way by artists from Europe. These artists take you on a journey through the beautiful landscape.  We create a route from one work of art to another. the visitors are always surprised by the illusions that the artists install along the route of the castle.

 We  organised several light festivals in castles in the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, and Italy.




Do you want to be part of the Europe Tour Light Castle Festivals? Don't hesistate to sign in!

Bedankt! Bericht verzonden.

Lumen in art BV | Robbert ten Caten | | +31 6 46 222 688  

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